Facing legal challenges in Urbana, IL can be daunting, especially when it involves sensitive issues like domestic violence. Bruno Law Offices is committed to providing comprehensive legal support for those in need of a domestic violence attorney. Our skilled lawyers are adept in handling cases that involve Criminal Defense, DUI, Gun Possession, and more. With our knowledge of Violent Crimes and Theft & Burglary law, we offer diligent representation to our clients. Furthermore, if you face charges related to Drug Crimes or Battery, our team can defend your rights effectively. We pay special attention to cases involving Driving Suspended/Revoked as well as Federal Offenses and Felony Offenses. Bruno Law Offices is also experienced in the intricate nature of representing international students and visiting persons charged with serious crimes such as Home Invasion and Homicide & Murder Charges. Trust us to stand by your side with unwavering support throughout your legal proceedings.

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Criminal Defense, DUI, Gun Possession, Theft & Burglary, Violent Crimes, Conspiracy, Drug Crimes, Battery, Driving Suspended/Revoked, Federal Offenses, Felony Offenses, Home Invasion, Homicide & Murder Charges, International Students and Visiting Persons

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